Aloe Vera from Lanzarote

The plants grown in Lanzarote are tough and hardy and therefore thrive under the island’s relatively harsh conditions. From soaps and face washes to concentrated moisturising lotions and effective anti-wrinkle creams, aloe vera extracts from Lanzarote are used in a great deal of the luxurious beauty products currently available from our site. Though aloe vera can be ingested to aid healthy digestion and reduce inflammation, it is particularly effective at smoothing and hydrating the skin and can even be used to treat minor burns.

Aloe Vera from Fuerteventura

Aloe vera barbadensis is the most common type of plant found on Fuerteventura. The extract from this sub-species is often called ‘nature’s healing gel’ by the island’s residents, and rightly so. It’s perfectly suited to use within specially formulated hand and body creams and the natural goodness of the plant is manufactured into a commercial format for all of us to enjoy by leading brands like Cosméticos eJove.