La Geria Malvasia Semi-Sweet

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La Geria Malvasía Semi-Sweet Wine 75cl
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Clean, crispy and lemony tones with gold trim, an abundent slow tear, tropical aromas like lemon, mango, pineapple. Retro-olfaction: protruding aromas. Finish: smooth, Glyceric, satiny, full-bodied and well integrated acidity.

The Malvasia volcano grapes are located on the slopes and valleys of volcanoes, they are picked and harvested manually once it riches the perfect ripeness. We perform a rigorous selection of quality grapes, then a maceration and a pre-fermentation, to extract as much potential varietal aroma as possible.

Fermentation takes place in a controlled temperature between 13 and 14 ºC. When the sugars in the wine reach 25g /I, fermentation is stopped by lowering the temperature to 0-5 º C

Finally, the mosto (grape) is coverted into wine, with an contents of Alcohol volume 12.5 %. Residual sugar of 25g / I. Total acidity 6 g/I.

Serve and keep at a temperature of 10 ºC.

La Geria Malvasia Semi-Sweet

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