Why gofio in the athlete's plans?

First we note that the nutritional value of food does gofio to consider when joining in the everyday diet, which complements and enriches nutritionally. Therefore, the nutritional plan based on any athlete should be gofio as food carbohydrate that provides medium and slow assimilation, soluble and insoluble fiber, B vitamins, vitamin A and D, important minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, iron and zinc, among others, omega 6 fatty acids and amino acids polyunsaturated several in the mix of cereals and some pulses reach the ideal mixture in the supply of essential amino acids.

As an integrated product gofio, the contribution of dietary fiber is important, regulates the transit and maintains intestinal health. In addition, delays the absorption of simple carbohydrates and therefore modulates blood glucose levels after eating them. Based on the different possible forms of consumption, we can ensure that gofio food becomes easily incorporated into the plans of the athlete, not only at the time of your daily intake in the diet, but even during sports. Among other forms of consumption will name the following:

Gofio powder: we can add to milk for breakfast, we combine it with protein powder, increasing the rate of carbohydrate assimilation slow this mixture is ideal in cases of pre-training take long or as recovered in subsequent decision to a demanding training. Apart from this decision, we must never forget that we are facing a food, which allows us to use it with imagination, for example, sliced three pieces of fruit ideal for a sportsman, banana, apple and pear, we add yogurt on top and sprinkle gofio, add a tablespoon of powder or pollen grain and have a great breakfast.

Gofio addition: You can knead or mix with olive oil and brown sugar. Thus we have an energy pump, easy to chew and assimilation, which does not wake up feeling thirsty if accompanied with fluid intake, caloric intake still enormous. It is therefore ideal in case of athletes who are subjected to low temperatures, as is the case of freediving, scuba divers, fishermen, ultra distance runners in the mountains, skiers, surfers ... in all of them apart from the physical effort made with the corresponding caloric expenditure are joined by the thermoregulatory effect also spends calories should be replaced.

Gofio in special mixtures: name in this field, by mixing gofio with almonds, honey and raisins, making this an exquisite mixture taken with a high intake of carbohydrates with different rates of assimilation. We would be talking about a product very similar to previously discussed, but further extends the spectrum of nutrients.

Gofio paste and honey would be something like energy gels substitute widely used in endurance sports. The advantage is that we can produce it ourselves to the ideal consistency for the discipline practiced, and according to the preferences of each athlete. We can enrich this formula by adding powdered minerals, lecithin soy or whey protein powder to make way for a compound multinutrient home and we can give you different ways as balls, croquettes, tablets ... that will facilitate their transport and consumption.

Gofio actually allow us to develop as many ways as our imagination and practical intelligence to enable us, being very personalized processing and consumption. In my work as a nutritional consultant I could try some of these forms of apnea athletes consumption, ultra distance triathlon, among other sports, with excellent results in digestibility and assimilation, preliminary steps for proper nutritional role, providing high-nutrient bioavailability and low cost.

From these lines we encourage them to resume consumption of food of high nutritional value, combined with other nutritional sources to increase their power and innovation in food consumption is to further expand the range of possibilities, making this an excellent traditional product dietary supplement.